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Sunday, Sept. 04, 2005


Accident today, hit pole, big car damage, no damage to myself or others, lots of damage to my insurance, fucked up.

That's what I should be writing about, instead I want to write about Kent.

* * *

Okay, he's a jerk. Asshat. That's a given.

Amy saw him today. We were on our way to get lunch and see the 40 Yr-old Virgin (I am not meant to see this movie!), in separate cars, when I got into the accident. I got lost (in an unfamiliar neighborhood where I didn't feel so safe being a white girl stranded with a station wagon) and ended up making a right turn into a telephone pole. I called my insurance company (which my mom now says was a "huge" mistake) and Amy waited with me for the tow truck and then drove me home. We hung out for a long time on my balcony, (it was so weird to sit out there and not smoke! - 4 days now!) talking and looking at books. While we were out there, Kent came in to the building and we said hi; he was carrying what I swear was an IKEA box (shithead!). A little while later we saw him run out in running clothes (he didn't look back at us). But then he came back in again a minute later, this time I was facing Amy, not our entrance, so I pretended I didn't see him, but Amy said he smiled at her (she smiled back). Then he ran out a minute later, this time with a armband/walkman on (not looking back again).

I can't believe he smiled at her. I don't know why, but I'm very jealous. Very.

* * *

She said he looked much more normal than she expected, not as geeky.

* * *


* * *

He's a jerk for using me.

* * *

I'm a jerk for hitting the pole. I'm a jerk for not calling my mother immediately after hitting the pole.

Watching/Hearing/Listening to: XTC - Blame the Weather
Drinking: diet pepsi lime and eating Ruffles C & SC potato chips (whole bag = 6 pts)
Wearing: blue shorts, xtc oranges and lemons tee, white socks, brown loafers

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